Chicopee Chargers Youth Sports

Parent Organization

The Chicopee Chargers Youth Sports Parent Organization is an organization dedicated to the growth and development of young children. The organization was formed in January 2010 upon receiving the news that their local football program with the local Boy's & Girl's Club was dropped due to budget cuts. As parents and coaches, we were sorry to hear of the decision, as it had been an instrumental part in a lot of young lives. We believe that we create an environment in which it not only teaches kids how to play football and cheerlead, but prepares them for high school and college. The program gives them life lessons that help them mature as young adults. Our primary objective is to teach basic fundamental skills, while imparting the ideals of teamwork, responsibility, accountability, perseverance, honesty, respect for ones self and others, and commitment. While also keeping the participants free from any adult personal agenda, ambition, and or glory.